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 Phase one (In Kathmandu)
This phase of training is conducted for 4 days in a hotel in Kathmandu area. During these days, volunteers will be provided six hours of training per day. The training will include:

» Introduction to Volunteers Nepal, its Programme and policy
» Placement selection
» Basic Nepali language
» Cultural Information/Entertainment
» Social and Environmental issues

After The language programme Volunteers Nepal will take Volunteers for (Two World Heritage Site of Nepal) sightseeing around the Kathmandu valley.
You will get the training with other volunteers while staying at hotel. You can do your sight seeing and shopping in the free time. Volunteers Nepal provides your accommodation in hotel at Thamel (Kathmandu)

Phase two (In Village)
This phase of training is conducted in local village around Kathmandu valley. In this phase, volunteers stay with the local families in village, eat Nepalese food, observe village tradition and culture. That will prepare volunteers to feel for the village life style.

During this period, Volunteers will practice teaching in local school, classroom observation, community interface to prepare for their placement.

There are:
» Morning session -> 2 hours
» Afternoon session -> 3 hours

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