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Sponsor a child

Volunteers Nepal has been supporting Sanu Foundation Nepal, which runs a children shelter home in Pepsi Cola, Kathmandu, Nepal and would like to request any individuals or organization to support the cause.

Sanu Foundation Nepal provides the shelter for the children who were orphaned by the decade long war, poverty and natural calamity in Nepal. Based in Sinamangal, Pepsi Cola Kathmandu, Sanu foundation has given foremost priority in providing the unprivileged children with the best possible education and exposure. Sanu Foundation’s focus has always been the best education, therefore have managed to have the children in the best school in the vicinity and have got overwhelming response through their academic performance.

Sanu Foundation has adopted children and gave them the warmth of care that was snatched from them in their tender age. Most of the children are from the primitive, underprivileged origin. Most of them were unable to speak the Nepali language (regional language being their only medium of communication) but through the quality education and atmosphere now obtain upper grades in their respective classes.

We are supporting 9 kids at the moment.  Help and sponsor  these kids.

Bijay Jirel age 13 grade 6

 Bijay Jirel. He is energetic kid, 13 years old currently studying at Grade 13.


Binod Pun. Age 10. He is studying at UKG.

Hari Khaka is 10 years old and studying in UKG.

Mahesh Pandit of 13 years is good at study as well as story-telling. He is studying sixth grade.


Youngest among the kids, Sangam Thapa is 6 years old and is in LKG.


Saugat Thapa is always smiling and funny, age 8 and studying at class 3.

 Anita Shrestha, age 6 youngest among the girls attends LKG and she loves dancing.


 Kasturi Mizar is 9 years of age, little uptight at first. She is head of her class and studying at class 3.


  Pramila BK is oldest among the kids. She is 14 years of age and studying in class seven. 


Is there any process to select these children for sponsorship?
A selection committee decides on and chooses the children who are in need of such sponsorship. Basically this committee comprise of:
1. VDC (Village Development Committee) Chairman/ ward Chairman
2. Sanu Foundation representative
3. Representatives from Volunteers Nepal.

Who can participate in this program?
Interested including local people as well as overseas individuals, organizations/donor agencies are strongly encouraged for their active involvement in this program.

What will I get after sponsoring a child?
Sanu Foundation will collect children photos & biographical information and forward related information & details to the potential-sponsors. Representative from Sanu Foundation will be in daily regular contact with the Donors and will update them regarding the child, their school and progress. The representative from Sanu Foundation will also collect children’s progress reports and send copies to their sponsors. During birthdays, New Year or Christmas, they shall help children to make greeting cards for their sponsors.

How much fund is required?
Long-term commitment as such sponsorships programs is for the betterment of these children so that they can build their future more securely. A sum of money around Euro 20 per month for each student can be sufficient. To be the sponsor, you can send a mail to Sanu Foundation Nepal after which they will send list of children and forward their photos along with detailed information. After receiving these, you can decide on which child to support and transfer of the first monthly donation, the sponsorship will be on effect immediately.

Where does my money go?
The fund covers the child’s Admission & examination fees, Uniform/shoes/school bags, stationery and other school supplies.

Can I meet my sponsored child?
Of course, and meeting your sponsored child can be the most heartwarming experience. You can come anytime and get together with your sponsored child as well as observe their improved condition.

Whom should I contact to be a sponsor?
Please mail Sanu Foundation representative at suman@volunteersnepal.org

Money can be transferred through bank-transfers:
Sanu Foundation will provide the further details/bank account number.

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