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Welcome to volunteersnepal.org. Volunteers Nepal is dedicated towards placing ethical volunteers in Nepal. Currently, we are working with Sanu Foundation Nepal to promote true spirit of Volunteerism.


Sanu Foundation Nepal 2007



What is happening in Nepal today and what has happened in this country during the past 10 years of internal conflict is in need of no depiction or elaboration. During this current era, destitute, orphans and war affected children are facing harshest conditions in Nepal.


Sanu Foundation, Kathmandu, a non- governmental and non-profit organization was established in oct, 2007 for the welfare of orphans and abandoned, underprivileged and needy children, vulnerable groups and communities in Nepal. The organization aspires in achieving its set target through practical implementation like rehabilitation, providing shelter, education, and awareness program.


Sanu Foundation Nepal established by Suman Dhungana and Kanti Laxmi Baniya runs a orphanage home in Pepsi Cola,Old Sinamangal that provides shelter and schooling to 3 girls and 6 boys of age group 6-15 years. The foundation is supporting these orphans through its own resources. You can volunteer, tell others about us, link us or even better join us on  www.facebook.com/groups/sanufoundation/  .


Our connection and dedication to this cause is strong and we believe that it will only become deeper and deeper as we continue growing. This means that our family will be growing, too! We couldn’t feel any more proud and thankful than we do now—and we still feel that our work has really only just begun.



The organization aims to bring people from around the world closer and to give them a better understanding of the different cultures, religions, and problems we all face. Once the people of this world realize that we are all part of one big family we can collectively work towards restoring peace, prosperity and happiness to all human beings.



The Foundation, incorporated with dedicated citizens, ready with initiatives aspires of achieving these goals from end to end with proactive measures like rehabilitation, providing shelter, education and aims at accomplishing its prime objectives through:


  1. Establishing a children's home and conduct child-oriented activities for the welfare and protection of poor, destitute, orphaned and street children.
  2. Providing the basic needs food, cloth, shelter and schooling to orphans, disabled and other vulnerable groups
  3. Carrying out skill development programs for the orphans, disabled and other vulnerable groups
  4. Carrying out acts necessary to safeguard the rights and interests of the women and children.
  5. Conducting public awareness program nationwide about the public health issues such as immunization, proper sanitation, and clean drinking water, family planning program to eliminate traditional myths, ignorance and unsafe practices.
  6. Organizing various vocational trainings for vulnerable groups to help to be self reliant and help government’s effort of poverty elimination with the help of local and international development organizations.
  7. Providing necessary assistance to disabled and war affected people and provide psychological counseling for trauma victims and other social grievances.
  8. Generating awareness through publicity, street drama, documentaries, symposium, seminar, and training related to the plight of street children, poor and vulnerable groups of society.
  9. Conducting awareness programs against child labor and human traffickings.

To join our facebook group please visit www.facebook.com/groups/sanufoundation/ 




Sanu Foundation Orphanage Program:




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Volunteers Nepal has been supporting Sanu Foundation Nepal, which runs a children shelter home in Pepsi Cola, Kathmandu, Nepal and would like to request any individuals or organization to support the cause. Sanu Foundation Nepal provides the shelter for the children who were orphaned by the decade long war, poverty and natural calamity in Nepal. Based in Sinamangal, Pepsi Cola Kathmandu, Sanu foundation has given foremost priority in providing the unprivileged children with the best possible education and exposure. Sanu Foundation’s focus has always been the best education, therefore have managed to have the children in the best school in the vicinity and have got overwhelming response through their academic performance. Sanu Foundation has adopted children and gave them the …

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